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RefleXion is partnering with experts in the radiotherapy clinical community to generate scientific
evidence and develop technology that makes a difference

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Our SCINTIX® technology was originally conceived by a scientist, who instilled a relentless pursuit for innovation and curiosity throughout our culture. We demonstrate our commitment to improvement and feedback in everything we do.

Our Approach to Research

We are working directly with clinical scientists to generate pre-clinical and clinical evidence for SCINTIX biology-guided radiotherapy. At the end of the day, our interests lie in bringing a solution to market that really moves the needle for patients with cancer, including those with metastatic disease.

RefleXion Investigator Grant Program

The RefleXion Investigator Grant Program (RIGP) offers the opportunity to partner with us to expand the growing body of scientific and clinical knowledge for SCINTIX biology-guided radiotherapy by supporting investigators interested in pursuing independently developed research studies. Proposal evaluation criteria includes scientific merit, strategic interest, degree of new scientific and clinical evidence among other factors. The growing interest in SCINTIX therapy underscores our purpose, and we will accommodate as many projects as possible. However, since RefleXion receives more requests than we can support, not all projects will receive funding.




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We seek first to understand

Our goal is to understand the patients and clinicians who use our products by recording and analyzing their real-world problems. We interpret the knowledge gained to develop safe and delightful experiences that enable success for our customers.

Our Process and Approach

Our usability research comprises formative usability studies as well as summative usability testing, keeping patients and users at the center of the design process. Formative studies enable us to understand our customers’ needs, while summative usability testing ensures our products operate in the manner in which they were intended, validating both usability and safety. Depending upon the research parameters, testing is held remotely, at our headquarters location or a designated customer location.



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  • Where does user research take place?

    Our user research studies are conducted remotely, onsite at our headquarters facility or at a customer site depending upon the type of research.

  • How do I express interest in participating?

    The best way for you to become part of the process is by completing the online form. Once we receive it, you will be added to our list for consideration.

  • Who can participate?

    Currently we are looking for Radiation and Medical Oncologists, Medical Physicists, Radiation Therapists, Dosimetrists, Nuclear Medicine Radiologists and Nuclear Medicine Technologists. Since our needs change over time, we encourage you to submit your interests and will contact you as testing opportunities become available.

  • Are participants compensated for their time?

    For eligible participants, we provide compensation for their participation in our user research activities. Compensation varies depending on the length of engagement as well as other factors. Prior to participation, compensation details and eligibility requirements will be provided.


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