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RefleXion aims to expand radiotherapy as an option for more patients with metastatic disease.

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RefleXion BgRT uses emissions to track and treat cancer.

BgRT uses emissions from the cancer itself to guide treatment in real time – as opposed to yesterday’s images. The RefleXion platform is designed to allow for smaller tumor margins to spare even more healthy tissue.

Reflexion BGRT

Learn more about RefleXion’s breakthrough technology.

BgRT Uses Emissions to Track and Treat in Real Time.

See how RefleXion BgRT uses cancer’s own emissions as a means to guide radiotherapy treatment in real time.

BgRT for Metastatic Disease

Learn how RefleXion BgRT is being designed from the ground up to treat multiple tumors in parallel during a single session.

The Potential of PET Tracers

See how RefleXion BgRT unlocks the potential of PET tracers – now and in the future.

RefleXion X1 Machine Overview

Learn more about RefleXion technology and what makes our machine unique.


Better across the board.

The RefleXion platform is designed to deliver industry-leading CT-guided IMRT and SBRT while adding BgRT as a new modality. Combined with fan-beam kVCT imaging, RefleXion aims to reduce the risks of radiotherapy while delivering a powerful blow to the target.


The potential to treat cancer at any stage.

Finally, radiotherapy envisioned from the ground up to treat any stage of cancer. Our goal is to make definitive radiotherapy a viable option for hundreds of thousands of patients who are not currently candidates for radiotherapy or do not have access to it today.


Sometimes the best medicine... is all of them.

For many patients, the best treatment plan is a combination of multiple therapies. Clinical evidence suggests that radiotherapy, in combination with chemotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted drugs may improve outcomes. BgRT has the potential to simplify the use of radiotherapy for all patients, including those with metastatic cancer. This will enable doctors to explore combination therapies involving radiation for more patients than ever before.


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