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Now you can guide SBRT, SRS and IMRT with clarity.

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The RefleXion X1 is built for today and ready for tomorrow. It allows you to treat SBRT, SRS and IMRT with confidence while equipping your department for biology-guided radiotherapy or BgRT. RefleXion X1 aims to deliver BgRT using PET emissions to guide radiotherapy in real time.

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16 Slice,
Fan-Beam KVCT

Fan-beam imaging reduces motion artifacts for clarity on the day of treatment.

60 RPM

Rotating gantry spins up to 60 times faster than other linacs to enable precise delivery.

Patient Set Up

An additional degree of freedom fine tunes patient setup.

Beam Station Delivery

The RefleXion couch varies patient dwell time in 2-mm increments during treatment.

MLC Speed

Binary MLC transitions 100 times per second enabling precise dose control.

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Reflexion IGRT

Learn more about RefleXion for SBRT, SRS and IMRT.

RefleXion X1 Guides SBRT, SRS and IMRT with Clarity

Learn how RefleXion X1 can serve as the backbone to your practice.

RefleXion X1 Fan-beam Imaging Drives Performance

Learn more about RefleXion 16 slice, fan-beam kVCT imaging.

RefleXion X1 Machine Overview

See inside the RefleXion X1 machine.


MORE clarity.

For the first time, we’ve integrated high-quality, 16 slice, fan-beam kVCT with a linear accelerator for better image quality. Fast 60 RPM rotation means fewer motion artifacts, so you can be even more confident about tumor localization on the day of treatment.

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Innovative technology

greater than the
sum of its parts.

While our innovative technology components are impressive on their own – together, they’re ground-breaking. The RefleXion X1 comprises a gantry that spins at 60 RPM, an MLC that transitions 100 times per second and a couch that moves in 2-mm increments. Combined, you can precisely shape the beam and control dose to reduce toxicity to healthy tissue.

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implementation & INSTALLATION

a perfect fit.

The RefleXion X1 fits both your workflow and space. Our image-guided platform enables delivery of SBRT and cranial SRS, as well as standard IMRT cases. And, you can continue to use your preferred workflow and tools. The X1 platform fits in most standard vaults without the need for additional shielding.

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