Metastatic Disease Part 2

Miniseries | Episode 2 of 3 February 13, 2021 29 min

Sam and Sean examine the history of cancer and how imprecise, untargeted treatments were ushered out in favor of cellular and immunotherapies which bring fundamentally different approaches to the fight. The story of how 100 years of accepted knowledge was upended by an experiment with mice, radiation, and their immune systems may surprise you. Even the categorization of cancers by their origin…breast cancer, lung cancer…is giving way. The conversation culminates with a newcomer in the ever-evolving history of changing outcomes for metastatic cancer patients: Biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT).

  • Sam Mazin, PhD

    Founder and CTO, RefleXion

  • Sean Shirvani, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer, RefleXion