RefleXion’s Reflections: Part 2

December 22, 2020

In our first of two final blog posts of 2020, we shared reflections from our RefleXion family. The end of 2020 looks vastly different than it did at the beginning. And while COVID-19 continues to spread, and the need for face masks, social distancing and handwashing continues, there are now viable vaccines expected to be approved and rolled out in the coming weeks. Ironically, many of us may have the same hopeful spirits and anticipation as we did a year ago, though we may be a little more battered and a bit wearier for some of the experiences of 2020. In this final blog post of 2020, we share some thoughtful responses from more of our RefleXion family:


“2020 gave pause to nearly everything and everyone at the same time, and that gave me ‘fresh eyes’ to see the world and those around me. Going through an entire reset with the whole world was surreal. I am grateful for the time to slow down, to think about new and different ways to do things and to spend quality time with those close to me. And I am incredibly thankful for the trips, adventures and fun that filled 2019; those memories really did sustain me at times during this year.”

Judy, Marketing


“I’m grateful and relieved to have remained healthy, employed and married 🙂 after everything 2020 threw our way. We are so fortunate. So many others were less fortunate. So, bye, ’20. Bring on ’21. We’re ready.”
Paul, R&D


“While 2020 has been extremely challenging for many obvious reasons, I have been grateful all year and continue to be grateful for many things I do not take for granted. My husband and I are both employed in careers we cherish. My family—both immediate and extended—continues to be blessed with good health. My three-year-old-son started preschool in-person with a team of dedicated teachers. . . And 2020 brought me my third child whom I will welcome in March 2021. . . I joined RefleXion late in 2019, and our team fully formed early in 2020. Almost our entire time working together has existed online, but it is the strongest and most cohesive team I have ever had the privilege to work on. We have found ways to stay connected, bond and have a fun year without sharing cubicle walls or sitting side by side.”
Elise, HR


“Looking back on 2020, my sharpest epiphany has been on the degree of interconnectivity we share. A global pandemic, the very nature of which depends on interaction, our social justice concerns, where I saw some of the greatest degrees of cooperation in my hometown of Minneapolis, and the level of election participation, the highest ever, depending on how you count—all these events demonstrated how effective a single person can be in changing the discourse of society. I am grateful for that empowerment but continue to be concerned with how individuals choose to wield it.”
Ottar, Corporate and Business Development


“Although in a pandemic world many of us have likely felt anxious, disconnected and terribly miss the social interactions with friends and family, what I am most thankful about are, first, the continued good health of family, friends and co-workers, and secondly, such a wonderful team to be a part of at RefleXion, who in so many ways, has helped me forget that we are mostly virtual and continue to inspire me with major accomplishments in this very unique and challenging year.”
Sam, Management


“2020 was filled with uncertainty, fear and unplanned change, but looking back, I have a lot to be grateful for. . . One of the silver linings for me personally was that working from home almost every day allowed me to see my wife and kids every morning and throughout the day, becoming closer to each of them than I was before. I’m also grateful for the generous RefleXion staff who did come into work every day to build, test and ship machines and for those that figured out new ways to work, helping move the company forward.”
Chris, R&D


“2020 has been a year filled with disasters and uncertainty, but it has also been a year of resilience. From a wide-angle view, I am grateful for the sacrifice doctors, nurses, scientists, and essential service workers have made in our fight against COVID-19. Personally, I am grateful for family, friends and colleagues keeping themselves and their families safe and healthy. This year has given us time to think about what is meaningful in life and hopefully, with the pandemic subsiding in 2021, we will continue on this path of reflection.”
— Veronica, Finance


“While 2020 has presented its own unique challenges, I am incredibly grateful for many things. I’m grateful to have started my first full-time job in Regulatory Affairs in mid-January. My work has given me a renewed sense of purpose during a time in which I have felt so lost and lonely. I’m grateful for my friends, family and community. I’ve been able to share in my children’s learning experiences. My youngest started kindergarten this fall, and due to distance learning, we’ve been able to see him grow. Within a month, he started reading and writing sentences. It’s amazing how kids learn, even from a distance. I’m grateful for this temporary pause to so many commitments/activities in life. My husband and I have more time to talk, plan and coordinate, which has really made a difference at home and for our future.”
— Leena, Regulatory Affairs

It’s been an unforgettable year fraught with challenges we won’t soon forget. The experiences and lessons learned this year will carry us well into the decade and beyond. From our RefleXion family to yours, we wish you all the best for 2021.