See It, Treat It Together

May 17, 2021 30 min

RefleXion’s Chief Business Officer, Thorsten Melcher Ph.D., and Christian Behrenbruch Ph.D, founder and CEO of Telix Pharmaceuticals, explore how holistic treatment strategies for metastatic cancer patients interact with the world of commerce. What is the role of radiopharmacueticals in the radiotherapy delivery? What influence does the design of clinical trials have on market authorization? Why would a company deliberately integrate with an existing therapy rather than replace it? Find out in this forward-looking discussion.

  • Dr Christian Behrenbruch headshot
    Christian Behrenbruch Ph.D

    Founder and CEO, Telix Pharmaceuticals

  • Thorsten Melcher, Ph.D. headshot
    Thorsten Melcher, Ph.D.

    Chief Business Officer, RefleXion

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