One-Two Punch to Cancer

April 27, 2021 24 min

Thorsten Melcher Ph.D., CBO at RefleXion, and Dr. Giovanni Selvaggi, CEO and CMO at Xcovery, discuss advances in two key areas that could mean a longer life for more Stage 4 patients. The watchwords are customization and personalization. The finding that the customized pairing of two therapies, used in combination, versus in a sequence, creates a synergistic effect, is coupled with the realization every patient’s cancer is personalized to their unique system. Developing a plan that includes a patient assessment, multiple treatment options, and how best to combine them, is a promising new direction.

  • Giovanni Selvaggi, M.D. headshot
    Giovanni Selvaggi, M.D.

    CEO Xcovery

  • Thorsten Melcher, Ph.D. headshot
    Thorsten Melcher, Ph.D.

    Chief Business Officer, RefleXion

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