New Tech Challenges Stage 4

April 8, 2021 29 min

Dr. Arya Amini, faculty radiation oncologist at City of Hope Cancer Center, joins Sean to discuss the promise and complexity of envelope-pushing therapies and current state of clinical research. Dr. Amini’s fascination with cancer took hold in high school, continued through medical school, and ultimately has brought him to the field of radiation oncology – allowing him to focus on both patients and research. Hear how the industry has shifted from IMRT to SBRT and now a focus on both local and systemic therapies to treat metastatic disease. This forward-thinking conversation covers a lot of ground and you don’t want to miss it.

  • Arya Amini, M.D.

    Assistant Clinical Professor and Chief of Thoracic Radiotherapy, Department of Radiation Oncology for City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Sean Shirvani, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer, RefleXion