RefleXion featured in October 23, 2018 issue

RefleXion debuts at ASTRO with PET-guided rad therapy

What if you could take cancer’s natural activity in the human body and turn it back on itself? That’s the premise behind RefleXion, which made its debut at this week’s American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) meeting with a PET-guided radiation therapy system.

Calling its technology biology-guided radiation therapy (BgRT), RefleXion’s system combines a PET/CT scanner housed with a linear accelerator in an oversized gantry.

The premise is somewhat simple: As tumors give off photons from radiopharmaceutical uptake, those photons are detected by the system’s PET component. The linear accelerator takes that signal and then fires back photons of its own, designed to kill cancer in precisely targeted doses.

The primary advantage of the system is that it can deliver treatment to multiple cancer sites at once, which is key in treating metastatic disease along with the primary tumor, according to Sam Mazin, PhD, RefleXion’s founder and chief technology officer.

The RefleXion system can treat five to 10 cancer sites in a single session, versus one to three sites for a conventional radiation therapy unit. While BgRT is best suited for metastatic disease, it can also be used for singlesite cancer.

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